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The official Live Journal Community for IMPACT: NCCJ San Diego's Youth Coalition

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Welcome to IMPACTFUL: the live journal community for IMPACT, NCCJ San Diego's youth coalition. Here we will post information about upcoming events, ongoing issues that IMPACT is adressing, and polls and conversations about IMPACT and it's members. If you have any questions or would like more information on NCCJ or IMPACT and its programs please visit our website at www.nccjsd.org. Enjoy!

IMPACT stands for involving minds in peaceful actions to bring communtities together. IMPACT's mission is to empower the youth of san diego to fight bias, bigotry, and racism by utlizing the knowledge gained through the minitown/anytown experience.

The National Conference for Community and Justicve was founded in 1927 as the National conference of cristians and jews. NCCJ's mission is to fight bias, bigotry, and racism.